Student Testimonials

“We handled everything, code, design, hardware”
“The experience helped us explore what team work is”

Lubna Abu Ghoush, 14 years old, won in the Sumo robot competition against college students.
“Everyone at the competition cheering for us was a happy moment”

“Everyone my age must learn to code, this is the new basic literacy”

Ibrahim Al-Wahbeh, 15 years old, Won in the Sumo Robot competition against college students.

Parent Testimonials

“I noticed an increase in my daughter’s strength of character and independence”
“I’d encourage every parent to enroll their kids in the program”

Samar Abu Subeih , Parent

Partners : Shoman Foundation

“The exhibition day is an overwhelming happy day for us, as you can see several patent-worthy projects completely designed and implemented by the kids

Valentina Kassisieh , CEO – Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation