About Us

About Us

We are a leading not-for-profit organization in designing, packaging and facilitating learning journeys that align with the contemporary skills needed to excel for the 21st century. Our learning journeys are personalized and designed around the learner’s needs, assuring the sustainability of competencies of which support their excellence and prepares them for the yet-to-emerge fields in the future, mainly developing Critical thinking skills as a primary competency along with other complimentary skills.

Thinking Oasis

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Our Methodology

The methodology combines five main methods of learning employed within two variables: an adopted theme for the methodology to operate within, and a structure that identifies the framework.

Our Vision

To lead in providing learning solutions designed to develop critical thinking skills as a required competency to excel in the 21st century

Our Mission

Quality accessible education that develops capabilities which align with the demands of the unknown future.

Why Critical Thinking

The world is continuously and rapidly changing. This presents a challenge to the educational systems in providing students with knowledge and information that suits all times and places; what they learn today might become outdated tomorrow. Therefore, developing Critical Thinking skills enables individuals to acquire, process, and utilize knowledge regardless how fast it changes.


Provide learning experiences for students to enhance and develop their skills
Train educators to adopt methodologies of enhancing critical thinking skills within the learning environments they lead.
Develop learning environments with the elements needed to have a dynamic ecosystem that develops critical thinking skills.

Key Objectives

quality learning

Provide quality learning opportunities that mainly develop critical thinking skills as a primary competency

Build partnerships

Build partnerships that align and merge efforts towards the our mission.

Assure sustainable

Assure sustainable capabilities that prepare learners for the everchanging future