STEM For All 

In partnership with the GIZ and QUDRA 2 program, Thinking Oasis implemented the project STEM for All, an
educational project that targeted students in grades 5 to 8 (ages 10-14 years old), offering them the space and tools to experience science, math, engineering, and technology to develop their critical thinking skills.
To know more about this EU-funded project, read here.
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Young Innovators Lab ( YIL )

A learning journey targeted at kids aged 10 to 13 and aiming to develop their critical thinking skills using STEM-based activities, that Thinking Oasis has been annually implementing in partnership with the Shoman Foundation since 2016. With hundreds of graduates to date, the project was implemented in several Jordanian cities as well as in Palestine. 
Critical thinking skills , assessed among the kids pre- and post-program, have increased by 10 points throughout their participation year, and several ideas produced are patent pending. 

The common values in each of our Designed learning journeys:

Each project embeds the methodology and aims to develop critical thinking skills
The project theme and structure are tailored according to the additional competencies pursued
Each project requires learners to create and innovate as part of the learning cycle with tangible results

Our Learning Solutions

Chain Reaction Machine Competition

An annual competition that inspires team work for problem solving and creativity with an award for the winning team, and open for all ages to compete

Innovators Club

A year long journey of themed sessions, events and trainings that provide learning opportunities and exposure to the ever-developing STEAM theories and applications (ages 12-18)


A learning journey of enlightening values, moral reasoning through discussions on Ethical dilemmas and moral philosophy (Ages 15-17) to develop critical thinking and Ethical Decision-Making

Young Scientists Forum

A STEM themed program, 9-months includes three phases: workshops, experiment and ends with group

Discovery Days

A summer camp that offers learning opportunities in various fields (STEAM) for ages 9-13

Discovery Days

A summer camp that offers learning opportunities in various fields (STEAM) for ages 9-13

Theme Based

Design Adopting the instruments/tools by which the learning methodology operate such as Science, Technology, Music, Theater .. Etc.

Theme Structure

Design the project structure, flow and framework hosting the learning methodology and developing the primary competence along with additional skills

Teachers Program

A packaged solution that provides Capacity building trainings for educators to have the skills and tools to facilitate inclusive thinking environments using non-formal methods

Thinking Centers

An interactive experiential space that hosts various learning tools and projects that develops critical thinking skills